We undertake sign board works for various road projects. Recently we have started fully equipped fabrication shop at our MIDC Mahad facility. Our advantage over others is our designing team, who are experts in designing steel structures for gantry, cantilevers etc. with suitable RCC foundations. We use various grades of Avery Dennison or 3M reflective sheeting as per the client’s requirement.

Various Signs are cut on most advance cutter plotter in our sign shop and every care is taken while pasting to ensure its durability. . The reflective sheet manufacturers are extending us excellent technical support as and when required. All these factors are helpful in fulfilling client’s requirements in scheduled time. 
The color, configuration, size and location of all traffic signs for highways other than expressways is to be in accordance with the code of practice for Road Signs; IRC: 67 or as shown on the drawings.
For Expressways, the size of the signs, letters and their placement shall be as specified in the Contract drawings and relevant specifications.



We are expert in fabrication and erection of Over head Gantry & Cantilever. We have own fabrication unit and we are liable to fulfill client’s requirements. We have completed many projects for NHAI, STATE HIGHWAY, PWD,  CPWD MMRDA, MSRDC etc. across India.


1. Mandatory / Regulatory Signs: These signs are used to inform road users of certain rules and regulations to improve safety and free flow of traffic.
2. Cautionary / Warning Signs: These signs are used to caution the road users of the existence of certain hazardous conditions either on or adjacent to the roadway, so that the motorists can become cautious and take the desired action.

3. Informatory Signs: These signs are used to provide information and to guide road users along routes. The information could include names of places, sites, direction to the destinations, and distance to places to make the travelling / driving easier, safer and pleasant.

The various materials and fabrication of traffic signs used by us are as follows;

    Reinforcing Steel: According to IS: 1786 or as per drawing.
    Bolts, Nuts, Washers: High strength bolts shall confirm to IS: 1367 whereas precision bolts, nuts etc. shall confirm to IS:1364 or as per drawing.
    Plates and supports: Plates and support section for the signposts shall confirm to IS:226 and IS:2062 or as per drawing.
        Alluminium: Alluminium sheets used for sign boards shall be of smmoth, hard and corrosion resistant alluminium alloy confirming to IS:736 – Material Designation 24345 or 1900 or as per drawing.
      Plate Thickness: 2 mm thick or as per drawing.
Retro-reflective Sheeting: We are having various types of Avery Dennison or 3M make retro-reflective sheeting as per the client’s requirements such as Type-XI, Type-IX, Type-VIII, Type-IV, Encapsulated lense and Engineering grade sheeting.

Generally these retro-reflective sheeting are known as: 

  1. (I) High Intensity Grade Sheeting: This sheeting is encapsulated lense type consisting of spherical glass lens, elements adhered to a synthetic resin and encapsulated by a flexible, transparent waterproof plastic has a smooth surface.

(II) Engineering Grade Sheeting: This sheeting is enclosed lens type consisting of microscopic lens elements embedded beneath the surface of a smooth, flexible, transparent, water-proof plastic, resulting in a non-exposed lens optical reflecting system.

  1. Fabrication:
    The alluminium sheeting is to be de-greased either by acid or hot alkaline etchingand all scale/dust removed to obtain a smooth plain surface before the application of retro-reflective sheeting. If the surface is rough, approved surface primer may be used. Complete sheets of the material to be used on the signs except where it is unavoidable.

  1. Message/Borders :
    The message (legends, letters, numerals, etc.) and boarders is either screen-printed or cut-outs.   

The size of angle depends on size of boards. We use 35 x 35 x 5 mm angle for less than 0.9 Sqm,  40 x 40 x 5 mm angle for more than 0.9 Sqm but less than 2.0 Sqm. and 50 x 50 x 5 mm angle for more than 2.0 Sqm of boards or as per drawing.

In case of signs supported on two or more posts if necessary bracing may also be provided. Normally, signs with an area upto 0.9 sq.m. is mounted on a single post (50NB medium class pipe), and for greater area two or more supports is provided. It depends on size of boards. We use the pipe (50 NB to 100 NB Medium class) for vertical post or as per drawing.
All components of signs and supports, other than the reflective portion of G.I. posts are thoroughly desealed, cleaned, primed and painted with two coats of epoxy paint. Any part of mild steel post below ground shall be painted with three coats of red lead paint.
The signs is fixed to the posts by welding in the case of steel posts and by bolts and washers of suitable size in the case of reinforced concrete or G.I. posts. After the nuts have been tightened, the tails of the bolts shall be furred over with a hammer to prevent removal.

List of key projects completed.

  1. 1. Reliance Innoventures Pvt. Tamilnadu
  1. 2. IRCON International Ltd.for Siliguri,WB
  1. 3. Nagarjuna Construction Company Ltd. Orai,UP.
  1. 4. Unity Infra. Ltd.for MMRDA project
    • 5. M’CON Advertising Co. Ltd. for Mumbai MCGM project




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